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corporate events, conferences & company meetings

Everyday clients entrust us to bring their vision to life because bringing people together in the right location and inspiring them has the power to transform your company forever. Our success is driven by your success and your success is powered by the motivation instilled in your audience. Let’s bring them together and provide an experience not to be forgotten. Together, we have the power to transform your company forever. Capitalize on it.

video production

The magic of a dynamic video that engages the senses, reaches the depths of the mind and evokes emotions has undeniable power. Whether on the big screen in front of a live audience, a sales tool on an iPad or for the world to experience on YouTube or Vimeo, your story has the power to resonate and move your audience to take action. When you have an idea or simply want to brainstorm, call us. We love creative sessions.

live entertainment

Live entertainment has the power to connect with your audience at their core. You have a choice. Either place your audience in a sterile hotel conference room where data is pushed at them on slide after slide after slide, or with us, you can choose to immerse your audience into the center of the experience and connect with them at their core. Dunlop Productions gets it. This is why we approach every project with strategic purpose. Bringing balance to the event rejuvenates and motivates your audience while ensuring your key messages are conveyed and kept at the forefront.

Entertain them. It’s powerful.

Dunlop Productions is proud to introduce The PartyUp! Band, the nation’s newest sensation to hit the corporate and private event scene.  Innovative arrangements, impeccable musicality, and unmatched performance meet unstoppable energy and all out fun with this group of the industry’s best singers, dancers and players.  Are YOU ready to PartyUp?  Please click our logo for more information.

trade shows

Trade shows need to be memorable and leave a lasting impression. The secret to success on the trade show floor is to be more dynamic than your competition which is why we approach this challenge with the same mindset as all other entertainment venues.

Dunlop Productions will create a magnetic environment to attract and engage the prospects you want by transforming the mundane concrete floor space into a branded environment infused with your brand image.

Be remembered. You’ll see the return on your investment.

audio production

Great production results from striking the right balance of audio and video. At Dunlop Productions, audio plays an incredibly distinctive role because we understand how combining audio and video has the power to move an audience, touch the senses, evoke emotions, and deliver your message with impact.

Our alliance with Third Pocket Music Group, led by Leonard C. Walston, also a producer with Dunlop Productions, gives us a distinctive edge. Third Pocket Music Group brings the dimension of unprecedented music production, audio engineering and artist development to our team.

production strategy

The impact of production is always stronger when created as an extension of your brand. Our strategic alliance with Resonate Marketing Group provides us with the expertise to approach your project from a strategic marketing and branding mindset. Aligning production with your brand strategy will have a deeper connection with the audience.

We believe so strongly in the importance of this connection that Jay Blumberg, President of Resonate Marketing Group, is one of our producers.

Let’s do this.

vip elite coordination

Your VIPs need to be at their best to be most effective. Knowing and anticipating their needs is an essential component in the success of your event. To be at their best, they must have a trusted team surrounding them to ensure their needs are met.

Dunlop Productions’ team of trained concierges is in place to meet those needs with prompt attention, professionalism and detailed execution.